Feb 23, 2004
im here dont worry

im here i havtn forgotten bout this thing so dont worry

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Feb 15, 2004

sorry i havnt posted in a while.
nothing much has been happenin latey.
just valentines day... a poor excuse for a holiday
wow. bye now. lol.

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Feb 8, 2004
Volley Tourney

im realy tired so this is gonna be short....
i had a bball and vball touney his weekened, we got second in bball then in vball we did really good, we got 1st in our pool but we lost in crossovers to a rinky dink tipping tipo grrr that made me mad but g'job girls we played tizzy tehe im ghetto

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Feb 6, 2004
Whopper Jr.

im here just eatin a whoppe jr with cheese
watching switched.
yay its so fun lol
yum yum.
i cant talk right now so ima gonna be back in a lil bit to finish this entry....

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Oh today.

today i had a two hour delay this morning
but i do have school
i plan on making it a good day but i also
haver bball where people are taking my missing out on one practice
way too far.
and does anyone else think it is right for an old man to threaten
and 8th grade girl?
ima have fun today...


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Feb 5, 2004

i got a new
for my 14th!
yay im excited...

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Feb 2, 2004
favorites. another damn survey

color: pink.
shape: star.
sign of affection: don't have one.
food: tacos.
drink: coca cola (no caffeine).
season: spring.
feeling: connection.
emotion: glee.
brand of clothing: kohls.
single music artist: blues traveler? dunno.
group: blink, good charlotte, evanescence.
movie: bad news bears... pirates of the caribbean.
sibling(s): my two bros.
parent: my mommy and daddy rock.
relative: aunt pat she rocks.
shoe: converse or e.
scent: fresh baked bread, or fresh crispy apples.

oldest: mark.
closest: all of my friends and i are really close
funnest: pshhhha, all my friends are fun!
nicest: kristin mags.
shortest: kristin.
prettiest: all of 'em!

first memory: being left in a swing by my bro when i was 2 nd i couldnt get down.
first school: kroniger.
first tap kiss: at the risk of sounding stupid, what's a tap kiss??
first kiss kiss: ha, i've never been much of a snogger.
first love: very personal lol.
first major loss: kelly stanley.
first broken heart: first big break up.

last word spoken: shnoobleys.
last thing eaten: chocolate. i'm such a junkette.
last thing touched: keyboard & waterbottle. 
last hug: my daddy.
last good cry: watching the perfect score hahahahahah amy jm.
last fight: my bro and me fought over this glorious computer.
last show watched: inferno.
last movie watched: perfect score.
last self-destructive act: taking the science test.

wearing: jeans areo shirt.
eating: nothing.
drinking: bottled water.
singing: devil went down to georgia.
see: the computer screen....
talking to: tina adam mike.
thinking of: what to get kristin for her birthday.
wishing: i have a 2 hour delay tomorrow.
crushing on: a sweetie who'll never know.

car: bug.
job: designer.
# kids: 2 (one girl one boy)....so i can spoil the little girl.
location: wyoming maybe (i dont know i like seclusion i guess, only close loved ones by me).

black/white: black.
old/new: depends.
leather/lace: leather..because i HATE lace with a passion.
phone/internet: internet!
movies/drive-in: movies. then you don't have to clean the popcorn off the carseats later.
piercing/tattoo: neither..they're both too needley.
song/dance: song. (i'm a crap dancer.)
cat/dog: depends on the individual animal, really.
gold/silver: silver, always.
jeans/khakis: jeans..unless i'm swimming in 'em.
pen/pencil: lately, pen.
cd/mp3: mp3.
VHS/DVD: dvd is more flexible.
food/drink: liquids yay.
light/dark: dark, unless i'm trying to get somewhere in particular.
good/evil: good. though it's such fun to be evil. sneh-heh.
love/hate:  love.
laughter/tears: laughter
hands/feet: dunno. too hard to choose. legs are needed for running, and hands are needed to write and type..

*Have you ever...
pictured your crush naked: no. that's....no. he's a sweetie, and i wouldn't do that.
actually seen your crush naked: nooo.
been in love: not really.
cried when someone died: yeah.
lied: all too often.
fallen for your best friend: no.
been rejected: sure.
rejected someone: i dont knwo.
used someone: probably, but unintentionally.
been cheated on: no.
done something you regret: with the numerous times i've made an ass of myself? heh, of course!

*What they call you
Name: emma
Name your father wanted to give you: dunno, but probably it would have been a boyname.
Have you ever been stuck in a hole: haha, yeah, i have, actually.
If you were in a hole, how did you get out: some thoughtful soul poured water in to moosh the sand.
Has anyone of the same gender as you ever asked you to go out with them: not as far as i know.
Have you ever asked anyone of the same gender as you to go out with you: i haven't ever asked ANYONE to go out with me.
Do you own a dreamcatcher: yeah, it's somewhere around.
Who is the most uneducated person you know: luke jehl, he should go in basic lol.
Who is your daddy and what does he do: my daddy is a boss and tahts all i know lol
Were you ever a cowboy for Halloween: no. but i was a cowgirl.
Have you ever baked anything: cake.
Has anyone ever called you 'cute': yeah, but...they're so wrong.
Have you ever peed your pants in a public place: chances are yes.
Is your favourite color blue: no. why do yu care?

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Dwenger Reg.

Hey all! i registered for dwenger tonight! yay! im so happy lol.
my classes are...
phys. ed.
honors english
honors geometry
spanish II
intro 2d art
yes! i have art al year long because in the 2nd semester i keep al
of my same classes but i switch from intro 2d to intro 3d, yes its gonna
be an awesome year. on top of the clubs and sports i am doing.
wow! fun fun omg im so excioted to get out of rinky dink st charles grr!
tehe thats all for now cuz i really dont have much of anything else
to say.
«|+|your lovely emma|+

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Feb 1, 2004
+mY 1st+

hey everyone. this is my first entry at a
new site and im really excited. I hope you liek
what I have to say in here, and I promise this
blog is not meant to hurt anyones feelings.
(tehe unless I'm mad).
I am gonna be writing in here when i need to "
I guess so your just gonna have to deal with my blogs
and please for future warning: "If you don't have
anything niice to say, please cease to do so."
well, I guess I will start with my first blog entry.

«today was okay. we are celebrating my brithday
cuz my daddy is home! yaya! i really want a computer
but oh well. volleyball....my team didnt practice so
hott today, we were kinda off. (sugar coated) ill write
more later im watching the bowl with my parents.»

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as she lOOks in the mirror
to pretty her face,
someone looks back at her
who she tries to be
yet others hold the girl standing there...

birthday|February 23
+SOme pOp
+sOme Other stUff
aim|xx crazee 87 ozz

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